St Paula’s Young Catholic Widows

St. Paula’s Young Catholic Widows is an online community found on Facebook that was established to provide a community of widows who share similar faith and values. It began as 3 members and now, while unfortunate, has grown and given Catholic widows an outlet to share with each other in their darkest of times.

Group Description:

This is a group for women with a Catholic faith, who are younger than 50, and widowed. Please note that we, the admins, also are mothers and there will be many posts about children on this page. We understand that this may, unfortunately, bring more pain to those unable to have children before their spouse passed. However, if you have found yourself looking for a Catholic support group in this devastating time, even without having children, please feel free to join.

We, as Catholic women, have a unique perspective on the after-life both for our husbands and ourselves as we struggle on earth to make sense of their passing. We continue to pray for their souls and navigate through this secular world as strong women of faith without our husbands to guide us. We are sorry for the circumstances that have brought you here but hope that together we can make it through and one day see our husbands again on the other side. Many prayers for each of you on this day, and every day.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this community, please send a message to or find our facebook page at: St. Paula’s Young Catholic Widows

If you are interested in spiritually adopting a Catholic widow by praying for them and their families and especially the repose of their  late husbands please email