Grief: the thief in the night

While I haven’t been able to make new posts every day, I have found that the few posts I have been able to write have provided a new source of healing for me. Writing has been a way for me to release some of the thoughts that plague my mind, often on repeat, going around Read More

Another Meet the Author Monday

Thank you all so much for your questions and comments. I truly appreciate each and every one of them. Without further ado, here are your answers: For Lisa who asked, “I’d love to know how you and Nate picked the name Cecilia for your beautiful daughter, what your favorite hobby is, and more about how Read More

When your life flashes before your eyes…

It has been said a thousand times over that in your final moments of life, your life will flash before your eyes. I have always wondered about that. I wonder if it truly does happen, but also I wonder what my life would look like if it were to be replayed in mere seconds during Read More

Meet the Author Monday

For lack of a better alliteration term, today is “Meet the Author Monday”. If anyone has a better title, please feel free to share. I know that many of you have heard my story and with that already know many details about my life…But on days like today, I feel I need a break from Read More

A Paradox of Emotions

My life is a circle of contradictions. How can one heart feel so much joy and yet so much sadness at the same time? I love Cecilia more than I ever could have imagined. She brings more laughter and smiles than I thought would be possible after April 1st. And yet, those smiles and laughter Read More

Unfathomable words

My husband is dead. My. Husband. Is. Dead. MY husband is dead. My HUSBAND is dead. My husband IS dead. My husband is DEAD. My husband is dead… These words, no matter how I say them, no matter what word is emphasized, seem so unfathomable that I find myself incapable of  their comprehension. They seem Read More

263,520 moments later

It’s the eve of October 1st. Any other year, and this date would have no significance, but tonight, it means everything. How can it be six months since I last saw my darling, my strength, my husband. Our last conversation still runs rampant through my mind every moment of every day. Only six short (but Read More

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