Senate Bill 279

First I want to thank you all for the overwhelming support that has flooded our way since the announcement of this bill this past week. So many of you have come forward asking what you can do to help it get passed. This means so much. I would like to share a few of my Read More

Baby Steps at age 25

I have learned that being a mother comes with so many blessings. One of which is just the simple fact of getting to watch new life grow from a tiny infant babe into a giggling, crawling, little girl. I get to see my daughter take in the world around her, laugh at new sounds, stare Read More

To: You, From: Me

As 2014 ended and the New Year began, I’ve found myself unsure of how to feel. Many uncertainties plague my mind while the thoughts of what was and what would have been wrestle with what really is. 2014 looked far different when I looked ahead than it does now as I look past. This year Read More

Bah Humbug

“Bah Humbug.” That’s what I wish I could respond with at least, whenever I get wished a “Merry Christmas”. I don’t have it in me though. I suppose I am too nice, but it just doesn’t seem right to take my pain out on others. I haven’t been writing much lately. To be honest, I’ve Read More

Be Thankful

My heart is heavy today. I miss Nate more than ever, noticing the lack of his presence on this holiday. I was by his side last year with Cecilia in my belly, so joyful at the thought of the coming year. Now my heart is broken and my life is not what I ever imagined Read More

11/11 – Make a wish…

My wish today is that you live each day as if you will not have a tomorrow and as if your loved ones will not have a tomorrow. For, if your tomorrow never came, how would that change your today? There is a trend out there called “YOLO”, of which I think the premise is Read More

The Evolution of Grief

I hope this Monday finds you all well today. Today, I’d like to share with you all my views on grief and how grief has changed me. We read about grief every day in the news, we watch it in the movies, we hear about it in song, and yet, until this year I never Read More

Quick Check In

Earlier today I was typing into my “idea” list of blog posts I am working on/want to work on. In my haste to save it before my computer shut down I accidentally published it. I quickly took it off my page, but tonight I realized that the post had been sent in an email to Read More

Memoire Monday

I want to thank you all again so very much for continuing to leave such heartwarming comments and for remaining with me on my journey. I had meant to post another blog this past week, but found time just kept slipping away. I don’t believe there are any questions to answer so instead I thought Read More

Meet the Author Monday III

Another sincere thanks to everyone for all of your comments, questions, and well wishes. Here are your weekly Monday answers! For Tracy who asked, “Who is your favorite Saint and why?” This is another toughy! I guess I technically have 2; one for before Nate’s death and one for after. Before Nate’s death, I have Read More

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