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I have been blessed with a love so strong. First and foremost, I have been blessed by an undeserved love from our Lord Jesus Christ; a love that is so pure and perfect that there is no comparison. Second, I have been blessed by the love of the most amazing man who took me as his wife on May 11, 2013. He promised to love me until death do us part, and I am incredibly¬†blessed to have had his love until the day he died. In his death, I continue to understand both his and our Lord’s love more and what a gift each and every day can be.


  • Michelle Uttke

    Jennifer, i came across your story on Facebook after your beloved Nate was taken from you and tonight i discovered your BLOG. Your writings are beautiful and honest. You are blessed with this gift and may it help you heal on your long journey to find peace once again. God Bless and i look forward to following your BLOG.

    Michelle- Catholic mother of 5

  • Markito KRodriguez

    Jennifer, I came across your story on the UK’s Daily Mail. I’m so sorry about Nate. I’m crying as I write this. I wish you and Cecilia all the best. God keep you both in God’s love. Mark

  • Erin schwieterman

    Jennifer, your writing is so pure of heart. I don’t know you but have been touched by your story, and more so, by the words that pour from your heart! May God bless you on your journey and help you to find the happiness you so deserve. Your daughter is a beautiful gift of the love you found in Nate. Her resemblance to him is striking!
    Erin-Catholic mother of 3

  • Sean Belby

    Hello Jennifer. My name is Sean Belby. We do not know each other but my wife and I are (were!) part of the local young adult Catholic community. We also attended Nathan’s wake because we were so inspired by his faith, and wished to offer our sympathies to you. But the purpose of my writing: I work at IMS, drive past the site, and very briefly think of Nathan (and you & Cecilia) nearly every weekday. Nathan is not forgotten. Further, over the past year, I’ve seen the memorial area in various states of condition…sometimes tidy, other times not so. With your permission and direction, I would like to offer to help maintain the small memorial in front of the tire shop. Please let me know if that would be helpful. I would be humbled to serve in that small way.

    • alovesostrong

      Thank you so much. I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I would greatly appreciate the help and believe my father was wanting to do something as well. I myself have not been able to go back to the site nor feel it is something I will be able to brave for a while. If you can email me at jentrap@nbtrap.com with your phone number or other contact, I will have him call you. Thank you so much again!

  • Kathy Goins

    Jennifer, since I heard about the loss of Nathan, my heart has been broken for you. Please know that you and your/his families are being prayed for by more people than you can imagine… people like me who were touched by pictures of you and Nathan. It was easy to see what a fun-loving young man he was. He sounded like such a mature, responsible person for one so young. It was obvious what a great love you had for each other. I so wish he had not encountered evil that morning… I so wish he could have defended himself. Today was my 50th wedding anniversary, and all day I thought of you and Nathan. We were married at 17 and 19, raised 4 great kids, and have 7 grandkids. My happiness feels bittersweet because you and Nathan will never celebrate your 50th, but I’m so glad you have Cecelia. May God continue to comfort you and lead you throughout your life.

  • Daniel Roberts

    The picture you have of you and your precious little daughter reminds me of a picture I have on my desktop of the Ever-Virgin holding the infant Jesus and Jesus is grabbing at her necklace.

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