Cheers to Another Year Older

March 17th is my 28th birthday. To say I am restless would be an understatement. 3 years ago, I was pregnant, a newlywed, and beyond excited to turn 25. I spent that birthday with Nate and we had the best time. I remember laughing so much and I was just so excited and in love Read More

Today, Be Thankful For Those Little Annoyances

He always used to whistle. It was constant. I would politely ask him to stop and minutes later he would start again. I knew it was a habit, something he did without even realizing it, so I didn’t get mad – but I did get annoyed. And I hated the way he put on chapstick Read More

An Open Letter to NBC

Dear NBC, I want to start off by thanking you for the coverage you have provided for the 2016 Olympics. I am sure the immensity of such coverage is a difficult challenge to undertake. It takes careful planning, precision, and competency to have anchors ready and willing to catch all of the action. As an Read More

Growing with Grief

It’s been 2 years. 2 years since I lost the love of my life suddenly, violently, and left alone to bear a child just 3 weeks later. 2 years. It so often feels like a lifetime ago. But just as often feels like yesterday. These days I laugh a lot more. These days I feel Read More

Beginning Again

3o months ago I began a journey that finally comes to a close tomorrow. On the eve of May 6th, 2013, I prepared myself to enter into a room full of people I had never met, to embark on a new path and career. I was excited and anxious to start working on my Masters Read More

Tomorrow is Never Promised

Tears cry out from the city again tonight as another senseless murder has taken place. A story that strikes so close to my wounded heart. A young faith-filled husband and father left his home yesterday morning to go to the gym, similar to the daily workout routine Nate once had. He left his pregnant wife Read More

My Victim Impact Statement

Your Honor, I am Jennifer Ann Trapuzzano, the widow of Nathan Benjamin Trapuzzano, and mother to his only child, Cecilia Marie Trapuzzano. I stand before you today representing the multitude of lives that have been effected due to the events of April 1st, 2014. On that day, we lost a wonderful man who was a Read More

The pain of a broken heart and the other losses it brings

The past 4 weeks I have been kept momentously busy doing my cardiology rotation for PA school. This rotation hit home too often to count. Since I have joined the sisterhood of widows, I have gained many truly wonderful friends who lost their husbands suddenly due to a heart condition. As I treated those patients Read More

Wish You Were Here

My darling, I miss you so much. Do you know it’s been 404 days since I last saw you last? It feels like forever. Remember how we used to count down the days until we’d see each other again? How every day forward brought us another day closer? Now I just feel so far away Read More

Love Like Nate

“Every morning I still wake up and the first thing I want to do is see your face.” I have so much to say, and yet so little. My mind feels so far away today. I’ve been told today will be worse than tomorrow. It’s difficult to tell. I’ve dreaded this week, dragged my feet Read More

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